Precision engineered for a cleaner world

By name, Laser Chemicals is a proudly South African company that manufactures a comprehensive range of versatile chemicals and cleaning solutions for a large number of top companies across most industry categories. Our products provide restorative and cleaning results that consistently exceed expectations.

The philosophy behind our science

By nature, we are fully committed to eco-innovation and believe that there’s really no point in solving one problem by creating another one. So Laser’s problem-solving solvents don’t cost the earth. They are precision-engineered to clean your world.

Cutting-edge tech-savvy solvents

Laser’s exciting product ranges are made with biodegradable, eco-aware and planet-friendly materials to meet stringent compliance needs. Our solutions comply with HACCP requirements, are ISO 9001 audited by NQA (U.K), and include an extensive range of NSF registered products.

Mountain high, sewer deep

Laser packs over 365 products in a wide variety of volumes or weights to clean up any problem or area. In the unlikely event that your dirt is different, our professional laboratory and technical teams will advise you and help you to punish that grime.

Growing like greased lightning

To many people we’re seen as relative newcomers. But those in the know believe that we’re old hands at grime busting. As a Cape-based business we’re steadily expanding our national client base and growing our footprint.

Don’t flirt with dirt

Our clients like the fact that we take dirt seriously, that our pricing is beneficial, our service brilliant, and our administration, spick and span. Also, we may be tough on grime, but we’re a bucket of fun to do business with. If you believe that grime doesn’t pay, let’s talk dirty.