In an Age of COVID Trust is Everything.

As fake products flood the market, Laser Chemicals announces a range of alcohol-based hand sanitisers you can trust.

We are proud to announce the South African Bureau of Standards has granted the SABS Licence to Laser Chemicals’ range of 70%v/v alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Our range is now compliant with the SABS SANS 490 – “the specific standard that addresses alcohol-based hand rubs for the purposes of disinfecting.”

(Click Here to view SABS 490 certificate).

Laser’s alcohol-based hand sanitiser range has also been accredited by the British & European Standards (BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650), provided by Intertek. In addition an independent laboratory (Roediger Agencies) has verified the products’ alcohol levels.

(Click here to view further certifications).

Our range uses a grade of high-purity ethanol (HPE). Sourced from SASOL, this HPE grade carries none of the impurities* found in some other alcohol-based sanitisers.

While effective against the coronavirus, our hand sanitisers are less abrasive on the skin.

The sanitiser range includes:

•   LASERGEL 70%
•   LASERSPRAY 70% (deo) 

The range was designed with a range of settings in mind:

  • LASERMED is fortified with biocide for medical applications.
  • Products are available in either spray or gel form.
  • A scented (lemon) variety is also available in liquid form.
  • Various volume sizes and dispenser types available.

The danger of fake hand sanitisers is real. Independent SA laboratory Sci-Corp ( found that almost half the hand sanitisers tested contained less than 70% alcohol. Some hand sanitisers could contain harmful chemicals to ‘make up the deficit’ of alcohol. Businesses may be held legally liable for providing substandard sanitisers.

What makes matters worse is that some manufacturers are faking certification and putting bogus SABS logos on their products. Many of these manufacturers only sprung up to profit off COVID.  That is why it is so critical to deal only with a reputable manufacturer – Laser Chemicals.

With a proud track record of over 25 years’ service to SA business, Laser Chemicals is the trusted partner for workplace hygiene and safety.

Our Hand Sanitiser range is available in 500ml pump action bottles, 5L & 25L volumes as well as in 210L drums and 1000L flowbins for large scale enterprises.

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