In response to the new global emergency in hygiene standards, Laser Chemicals introduces our highly acclaimed biocide-based solution: Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser.

Bio-Spray’s active ingredient is a biocide, sourced by NOURYON, a global specialty chemicals leader.

Biocides are defined as active ingredients in antiseptics and disinfectants that are used extensively in  healthcare, domestic and food production settings to control microorganisms and prevent infections.

The specific biocide in Bio-Spray is Triameen Y12D – Nouryon‘s formulation of Dodecyl Dipropylenetriamine.

In controlled tests adhering to the European Standard DIN EN 14476:2005-08, Triameen Y12D was shown to be effective against influenza virus H1N1.

Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser received the following accreditations in 2020:

Woolworths approved terminal disinfectant

NSF food safe approved sanitisers 

British and European standards approval EN 1276 & EN 1650

Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser is available in both 5L & 25L volumes as well as in 210L drums and 1000L flowbins for large scale enterprises.

5L can shown.

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Our Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser is specially effective in these key industries:

Food Production

Biocides are widely used in the food industry as disinfectants and food preservatives. They are used to disinfect equipment, containers, surfaces or food production pipework, transport and storage of food or drinks.

This product is specifically suitable for disinfection of food contact surfaces:
• usual concentrations are safe regarding indirect food contact
• on the “French positive list”
• no MRL (Maximum Residue Limit).


Biocides are active ingredients in antiseptics and disinfectants that are used extensively in hospitals and other healthcare settings to control micro-organisms and prevent infections.
This product is specifically suitable for preservation
of technical products:
• free of aldehydes and halogens
• not a sensitizer
• on BfR (German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) recommendations on Food Contact Materials.

Nouryon, an affiliate of AkzoNobel, is our supplier for Bio-Spray’s biocidal formulation, Triameen Y12D.

Triameen Y12D (on the European ecolabel list), represents a highly effective biocidal amine with broad spectrum microbiological properties.

It is an aqueous dilution containing about 30% of N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3- diamine). It does not have an ionic charge like the quaternary ammonium compounds (QUATs).

Triameen Y12D has proven effective against influenza virus H1N1. The active substances in our products are effective against ‘enveloped’ viruses. H1N1-swine flu, MERS, SARS and the novel Coronavirus are all examples of ‘enveloped’ viruses.

Laser Chemicals has added L-Glutamic acid to the Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser to maximize performance.

Our Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser forms a 360º solution for workplace hygience – providing dependable everyday cleanliness and optimised virus mitigation. Our Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser is available immediately in South Africa, with no likelihood of stock-outs in the foreseeable future.

Before you apply the Bio-Spray Surface Sanitiser, we highly recommend first cleaning surfaces with our Laser Chemicals BE369, (our eco-friendly biodegradable product).

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