LASER CHEMICALS adopts the NSF International Mark of Quality for a growing number of our world-class products.

As part of our ongoing mission at Laser Chemicals to deliver a best of breed, world-class range of high quality, risk managed products, we have registered 23 of our most popular lines with the NSF Nonfood Compounds Programme. As well as being endorsed by the SABS Mark – we take pride in ensuring their safety for appropriate use, having passed the stringent and thorough toxicology testing under the watchful eye of NSF International. NSF International is the only independent, third-party organisation that offers product registration for nonfood compounds such as lubricants, cleaners and water treatment chemicals used in food and beverage processing. Whilst we at Laser Chemicals are confident that our products meet the necessary regulatory requirements, we always advise on the strict adherence to manufacturer’s instructions at all times when in use. We will update and post our product listings online as more are registered with NSF International.

Click to view the 23 products successfully registered.