The importance of using an espresso machine cleaner to serve better tasting coffee

As every barista will tell you, making that perfect cup of coffee is as much an art as it is a science. Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee?

The serious coffee makers of this world know that as much as it is important to have the right combination of beans, equipment and pressure they need to make sure that no residues are left on the equipment. Coffee beans contain essential oils. While these oils are responsible for the rich crema that tops your espresso, it can also be responsible for a rancid off flavor that develops over time resulting in bitter tasting coffee.

In an experiment conducted by Cafetto a few years ago it was found that a coffee maker that hasn’t been cleaned produced worse tasting coffee than the ones who were cleaned weekly or best daily.


Coffee making in South Africa

South Africa’s coffee culture is very young still compared to its European counterparts in Italy, Turkey or Austria who take their coffee very seriously. In a recent survey by Chris and Andrew Brown, owners of The Daily Buzz Coffee Bars in Johannesburg, it was found that while South African’s love their coffee their “palates are unfamiliar to the bitter taste that comes with your espresso-type coffees simply because the standard in the country is so poor.”

Part of the problem is espresso machines and coffee makers that don’t get cleaned on a daily or sometimes not even weekly basis. Other areas of improvement are training, brewing and quality of beans. As a company specializing in a variety of industrial cleaning products we saw a need in the market for a superior product to help with cleaning the sticky residue from coffee machines.

The difference in taste is quite noticeable as the above mentioned study shows. This is due to the bitterness the residue leaves if not cleaned.

Introducing our Bean ‘n Gone Espresso Machine Cleaning Detergent to the South African market this month, we will help keep coffee machines working perfectly, making coffee that is good to the last drop, ensuring the best results and compliments every time. This product is made with biodegradable and organic raw materials and it is the first SABS food grade certified coffee machine cleaner in South Africa.

Cleaning the coffee machine regularly is however only the first step to the perfect Espresso, here the others:


7 steps to the perfect Espresso:

Make sure that

  • All the equipment of the machine is clean (using Bean ‘N Gone)
  • An espresso or dark roast is used
  • A suitable grind is used
  • The recipe is perfect (water temperature + dose of dry coffee + amount of espresso being made + time it takes machine to produce shot + grind consistency)
  • The water is purified or filtered and has the right temperature
  • The espresso cup is pre-heated
  • You give a decisive, firm tamp


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